Receives a message from another thread and gives up if no match arrives within a specified duration.

Receive a message from another thread, or block until duration exceeds, if no messages of the specified types are available. This function works by pattern matching a message against a set of delegates and executing the first match found.

If a delegate that accepts a std.variant.Variant is included as the last argument, it will match any message that was not matched by an earlier delegate. If more than one argument is sent, the Variant will contain a std.typecons.Tuple of all values sent.

Duration duration
T ops


duration Duration

Duration, how long to wait. If duration is negative, won't wait at all.

ops T

Variadic list of function pointers and delegates. Entries in this list must not occlude later entries.

Return Value

Type: bool

true if it received a message and false if it timed out waiting for one.


OwnerTerminated when the sending thread was terminated.